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Our Painted Picture of Where We Are Going

IQ Total Source has created this Painted Picture to constantly keep us focused on our purpose as a company now and how we’ll be positioned at the end of the year, 2016. Painting this picture allows us to bring the future into the present to ensure that this picture happens.

IQ is a company full of passionate people that strive to live our Core Values and our Wildly Insane Service Experience (WISE).  In doing so, our employees demonstrate their desire and enthusiasm for their customers’ needs while forming long term partnerships between organizations.

Our mission and vision is to provide exceptional service to our customers in all aspects of their procurement process.  IQ is focused on a consultative approach to not be just a vendor to our customers, but the go-to and expert for all of their business procurement needs. 

Our Team

Everyone on the team is excited and anxious to come to work each day.  Our team works hard and they are rewarded with many perks, notably a great office environment an outstanding time off policy.  Team building activities are a staple in our office and one person per month leads them. Our team believes in the value of physical activity and understands the numerous benefits. We have cultivated a culture where each person knows their responsibilities – we do not micromanage at any cost.    Our team understands and believes in what we have set out to do and is able to enjoy the freedom and confidence to make decisions and fail forward!  Our leaders are invested in our teams’ careers as well as in their personal lives.  This painted picture is a vision seen by all employees and each look forward to being with the company long term.


At the core, we’re a people organization and strive to hire those that are the best – constantly raising the bar.  Culture is paramount to us; therefore we only hire those that fit into this mold and are up for the challenge of providing a WISE experience each and every day.  We spend more time than most recruiting to find the best and settle for nothing less than A-players.  Keeping recruiting on the forefront of our minds allows us to consistently recruit the best.  While striving to find the best, we also part ways with those that do not commit to this each day.  Promotions are based on performance. Top performers will receive opportunities regardless of tenure. IQ is a highly sought after company to work for and top performers proactively seek us out.   We rarely hire those that are currently unemployed as we search for experienced proven performers.   Our team operates like a professional sports team where consistent performance is not only expected, it is a must.

Office Ambiance

Our office environment is one that people want to work at and enjoy coming to each day. We have an open environment that promotes creativity.   We have fun and never take ourselves too seriously.  We have a bustling, high energy office atmosphere and we all love having fun!  Ideas are encouraged through our dream board; wild and crazy thoughts and visions are part of what will continue to move us forward. 

Customers Say About Us

Our customers view IQ and our team as a fun, highly consultative organization.  When a customer needs something, we are their first phone call regardless.  Our WISE culture, energy and passion inspire our customers on a daily basis no matter what person or department they are dealing with. Customers recognize that we streamline their procurement process so that they can focus on their own companies’ vision and goals.  They view IQ as a true partner and an extension of their own company. 


Team IQ has a brand presence in each market that we are located in.  We focus on giving back to the community through volunteering and strive to help and support our customer’s charitable initiative as well.   IQ will host an annual event to raise funds and awareness for needs in the local community. Our employees are encouraged to get involved in their community, in both personal and professional programs.

Marketing & Advertising

We will focus on a complete brand overhaul, beginning with a name change that better communicates the breadth of products and services that we offer.  IQ is focused on utilizing the tools we have internally to drastically increase marketing.  Through the use of our CRM and sales reporting software, we will have structured marketing campaigns that focus on categories and brand recognition.  In addition, we will work with a third party company to develop and mold a measurable marketing campaign that is scalable.  We will also utilize social networking in a creative way to assist with this initiative.


IQ will keep a continued focus on technology, both our current platforms, as well as new products that are yet to be known.   We will invest in a fully functional chat product to integrate with our ordering system. Also, we will link our phone systems to our CRM to improve efficiency of our customer service team and will have multiple monitors for them.  We will work to keep our processes and systems automated with a keen focus on driving efficiency.  Our team utilizes laptops primarily to be able to work in comfortable environments when away from the office.   Leveraging our current technology and full utilization of the cloud will allow us to scale and grow exponentially.   This is a core focus of all employees at IQ. 

Company Structure

At the core, IQ is a sales and service organization with a focus on our customer.  Owners will oversee top performers and work with them on continued revenue generating activities that will benefit both us and our customers.  As a company, we set goals and we achieve them. 


We’ll continue to grow organically at 30%+ annually and will acquire 1 to 3 companies with revenue between 5-25 million each.   Our model for organic growth will continue to be based on a CPR strategy; Conversion, Penetration, Retention. The sales team will focus on converting new customers over to IQ, penetrate their current customers to gain more category groups, while maintaining relationships to retain business.

IQ will continue to focus on gaining new midmarket accounts with an expectation to gain at least one Fortune 1000 business.  IQ will focus on ROI (Return on Investment) when deciding which programs to implement or strategies roll out.  Each decision will be carefully calculated as to be measurable now and into the future.

Imagine When

  • We’re doing over $100 million in revenue
  • We have 12 physical offices
  • We purchase a promotional products company
  • News stories are ran about us without us asking
  • We have an Apple TV ad / commercial
  • You’re driving down the freeway and see our billboard / hear us on the radio
  • We have an App
  • We have definitive case studies of value created for our customers
  • We’re selling to restaurants
  • We have a private jet
  • We have a company retreat to a remote island / country
  • We’re front page story on Yahoo
  • We’re meeting and doing business with well know executives
  • We sign up a $10 million customer annually

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